Goldstone mentioned in the Feodaries 1278

Extracts from the Shropshire Volume of the Phillimore series on Domesday Book.





Now a parish.  It lay in Wrockwardine Hundred (6) in 1086, later in Bradford. 


Part of Childs Ercall or Ercall Parva was in Dodecote or Dottecote [Dodecote GR SJ 6723] granted early by William FitzAlan (I) to the Cistercian Abbey of Combermere (see RH ii p. 55b, TE p. 261a, VE iii p.216, Mon. Ang. V p. 324 no. III) and by 1255 (see RH ii p. 55b) the Abbot was holding 2 hides in Hercalwe Parva, half by gift of Elias de Fanecin, the other half from John Extraneus; see TE p. 261a, VE v p. 216. 


The rest of Childs Ercall contimued to be held by Lestrange under FitzAlan. John Extraneus holds Mhutle [Myddle 4,3,53] and Parva Erkalawe from the barony of John FitzAlan in Fees p. 963 and its members are given in FA iv p. 220 as


Acton [Hungryhatton GR SJ 6726],

Leyes [The Lee farm SJ 6626] and

Golston [Goldstone SJ 7028];


see FA iv pp. 227, 237.


Another member was Naghinton [Naginton SJ 6725] which in RH ii p. 55b was said to have been given to the Abbot of Haughmond by Hamo Extraneus in pure alms; see Bradford Roll p. 113, TE p. 113, TE p. 260b and FA iv p. 220.  On the whole manor, see Eyton viii p. 7.



Explanation of some of the references above:


(i)  FAInquisitions and Assessments relating to Feudal Aids with other analogous Documents preserved in the Public Records Office AD 1284-1431, HMSO 1899-1920, 6 volumes. FA is otherwise refered to as 'the feodaries'

(ii)  Eyton…R. W. Eyton The Antiquities of Shropshire, 12 volumes., London 1854-1860.