Goldstone Estate in the 1950s

The map below shows the extent of the Goldstone Estate in the 1950s before most was sold. The land to the east of Goldstone Common shows those parts that Edward Hayward had as his award when almost all common land in Hinstock became enclosed.

  • The farms that comprised the estate are shown in blue.
  • The surviving part of Goldstone Common is shown in green.
  • The Lockley Wood land that was shown in brown on the 1771-1891 map (click here to view) is shown to the east of the map; this third of the Mount Pleasant Farm was kept as freehold, having been purchased from the Corbets, but the 1748 leasehold was subsequently sold.
  • A tiny part of Berrington Farm is shown in the north west corner of the map.
  • Land still owned in Cheswardine at the time is not shown.