Goldstone, Pegg, Hayward

& Vardon family tree

The family Tree below expands that produced in relation to the Goldstones of Goldstone by the Visitation of Shropshire in 1623 (see here: click). It illustrates the connections between the Goldstones of Goldstone, their cousins the Peggs and Haywards of Goldstone, the Haywards of Aston Cliffe and Hulme Walfield, and their descendants and successors the Vardons of Goldstone. It is a deliberately abbreviated chart, missing out names which cannot be fitted in that include the much earlier genealogy of the Vardon (Verdon/de Verdun) and Goldstone families.

The people whose names appear in blue are those via whom the Goldstone Estate was inherited. The chart shows all known members of the Goldstone family, but not all of the Haywards, Peggs or Vardons - this is to help avoid over-complication. In addition, to assist with providing a layout that helps show links between each family, children are not always shown in the order in which they were born. 

The chart is shared here in case there may be people who may appreciate the information it provides, from a historical perspective or because they are related or connected in any way to the families who feature on it. However, readers should please appreciate that the data on the chart may contain unintended inaccuracies, so please be careful in re-using any information gleaned from it. Lastly, please respect the copyright, if for no other reason, because re-publishing may result in unintended errors in data being spread across the internet.