Extracts from Edward Hayward of Goldstone's diary and memorandum book

Transcription / Extracts from Edward Hayward’s Daily Journal. The entire journal book does not appear to have been kept; what remains is loose pages taken out from it, with the front page signed (across the printed headings):-

Edward Hayward

Sunbury Middlesex

or Goldstone Shropshire

 The top of the only printed front page that survives has the following heading:  










With the loose pages was another piece of paper, with handwritten notes that are taken from other years; along the edge of one of the pages is written (in a different hand than Edward Hayward's):-

Extracts cut out of Mr Edward Hayward's Journal Books - E. Vardon. [at first glance it might be thought that it would make more sense if the name had been written 'H.E. Vardon.....i.e. Hugh Ernest Vardon of Goldstone, but 'E. Vardon' could just as easily refer to one of his Aunts Emily or Ellen Vardon, who owned Goldstone for a while, before Hugh Ernest inherited it himself] 


Edward Hayward's original writing is shown in italics below. Notes of explanation in relation to Edward's notes are shown in blue font within square brackets. Text in italics within rounded brackets represent a continuation of Edward Hayward's own writing.


Extracts from the Memoranda.


The purchase money paid by Rob. Hayward the elder for Aston Cliffe was £1020 - supposed to be worth £10000 at this moment.


Joanna Goldstone wife of Edward Goldstone died the 15th January 1745 at the Hay in Brecknockshire. [this Joanna was the wife of Edward Goldstone, son of Lawrence Goldstone of Goldstone by his wife Elizabeth. Edward & Joanna's daughter Jane married Edward Pegg]


Friday 4th March 1782

Mrs Eliz. Goldstone born 16 May 1698. [this may be the wife of Edward & Joanna Goldstone's son Edward]


Thursday 22nd August 1782:

Yesterday died the Rev'd Cuthbert Barwis D.D. Master of the Academy, Soho Square. N.B. He was found dead in his Bed. I was educated at this School.


Saturday 7th December 1782:

Recd a Letter from Mr Taylor informing me of the Death of T.H.

wrote to Mrs H. Hayward & Mr Taylor.

['T.H.' is Edward's uncle Thomas Hayward of Goldstone. He had died at Goldstone on 2nd December 1782 aged 66 and was buried at Cheswardine on 6th December. 'Mrs H. Hayward' is Edward Hayward the younger's mother, widow of his father Edward Hayward the elder]


Sept 12th 1783:

Purchased of the Trustees & Exor of my Uncle T. Hayward all his Estate in Shropshire (not settled by Mr Pegg’s Will) for the sum of £1075- See Memorandum 1783.


Friday 14th February 1793:

My 3rd daughter Christened at Walton on Thames by the names of Elizabeth Hannah [she was born on 15th January 1793]


Memoranda 1789.

Mr Hayward was of opinion that as the whole Term of Lockley Lease was by Mr Pegg’s Will given to Trustees, it would not be sold.


Memoranda 1796.

If Goldstone Common is enclosed by the Cheswardine Commissioners they must make their award to me as Lord of the Manor of Goldstone.


Memorandums and Resolutions at the beginning of the Year 1798:

The Moors at Hinstock purchased of William Brooke of Chetwyn end. The Lands in the Wood Lane & bottom of Lockley Wood bought of Rd Parkinson.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in June 1800.

on the reverse side of the page within a table to record accounting details is the heading:-

June, Sixth Month - XXX Days [week 23]

[Item]         Account of Monies                                                    Paid or Lent

                                                                                                   l.       s.      d.

       5.       Pd Lord Shrewsbury's Chief rent issuing from

                 the House in Cheswardine occupied by B. Boffey }            4      4

                 for 13yrs due at Ladyday last


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in September 1800.

Monday 1st September:

Agreed with John Pierpoint to let my Farm at Goldstone Rent £220 to allow 2 guineas towards a lease.

Tuesday 2nd September:

From J. Crowder 1 Ton of hay.  


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in May 1805.

Tuesday 21st May:

This day Mr Pierpoint of Ellerton told me that the proper old course of the Goldstone Brook is by the Gate going into Sowdley Lane which is also the Boundary of Goldstone Manor. This he heard the late Mr E. Pegg of Goldstone declare when he refused to give one of the large stones there to _____? Jones the Miller. [these large stones may well have been the original boundary markers of the Manor of Goldstone, and therefore also marked the old boundary between Staffordshire and Shropshire]


Memorandums and Resolutions At the Beginning of the Year 1806:

Wm Mundelow's acknowledgment for getting Grig off Goldstone Common is in the Bundle of Bills & Receipts of this year.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in January 1806.

To put fresh Posts & Rails around the Fruit Trees in the Orchard.

Wednesday 1st January: Lea & his Wife dined at Goldstone.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in June 1806.

Ralph Bennett agreed for his Farm again at a Rent of £245 a year on a lease of 21 years. [there is a note added under this by Hugh Ernest Vardon: Aston Cliffe. This clearly indicates that the farm in question was the old Hayward land at Aston Cliffe]


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in August 1806.

Monday 11th August: From J. Pierpoint a Wagon Load of Cole - W. Pierpoint had 3 Iron [?] for a Ladder.

Wednesday 13th August: Summer Assizes this day at Stafford.

Thursday 14th August: Edw'd Pegg dined at Goldstone. [this seems at first glance to be very odd since Edward Pegg of Goldstone died many years before - the Edward Pegg who dined at Goldstone in 1806 must Edward Pegg, currier who is mentioned in Edward Pegg of Goldstone’s will as having been his Kinsman and brother to John Pegg currier]


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in November 1806.

Tuesday 11th November: This Day the Rev'd Mr Taylor Rector of Hinstock acknowledged himself satisfied that the Modus of the Lady hays Meadow & Lands was a good one. [words flowing on to the next day, Wednesday 12th November] present the Rev'd Mr Ravenscroft his Curate & Mr John Pierpoint of Goldstone when he made the above acknowledgment.


Died 5 December 1808. Maria Sophia Vardon Wife of Thos. Vardon Esq.r of St. John's Place, Battersea Rise, Surrey. [The place where they lived is remembered by the name of the road that exists there now, incorrectly spelt Vardens Road. A memorial to Thomas and his wife Sophie is on the south wall inside St. Mary's Church Battersea, on the river - link to a picture of their memorial.] 


Memorandums and Resolutions At the Beginning of the Year 1807:

The Managers allowance this year is £3.7.10¼ per diem.

The Greatest part of my property at Goldstone has belonged to my ancestors above 350 years - & some part above 700.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in June 1807.

Monday 22nd June: Remained in Congleton.

Tuesday 23rd June: Returned to Goldstone.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in April 1808.

Thursday 7th / Friday 8th April 1808:

I claimed in Cheswardine Church as belonging to my property in the Parish besides the pew belonging to the Manor of Goldstone A Chair and Stool beside the Pulpit in the North Aisle 1 seat up to a pillar in the middle of the north side of the Centre Aisle – 1 seat on the north side of the same aisle and in the Gallery built by my Uncle – 1 seat in an open area on the South side the same Aisle near the Font.  


Mr Hayward’s claim to the Gallery in Cheswardine Church was admitted, he says “My uncle had a faculty & built it”

See Memoranda 1809.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in March 1812.

Thursday 5th March:

W. Pierpoint my Tenant at Ellerton died this morning about 10 O'Clock. he had lived under me above 43 years & had been upon the Estate near 60 years.


Memorandums, Observations, and Appointments in December 1814.

27th December: This day E. Antrobus Esq.r of Eaton Hall Cheshire & the Strand Banker created Baronet with remainder to his 2 nephews & their Heirs male. [Sir Edmund Antrobus was a second cousin to William Vardon of Goldstone, and thus a distant connection of Edward Hayward of Goldstone. He was the son of Philip Antrobus, whose father Philip Antrobus married Anne Vardon, daughter of John Vardon of Congleton. Sir Edmund become a Baronet on 22nd May 1815]

In March 1870:

Mr Beeston said, there was no longer any claims to the Gallery.


In a letter of my Uncle’s to my father, (Mr Ed. Hayward says) of the 16th March 1766, he says

Mr Pegg had by deed with Arthur Meeson for the residue of his Estate in Goldstone, Let for

£22 pr ler. [??] & was to give him £700 for it. See Memoranda 1790.


The question for and opinion whether E.H. [i.e. Edward Hayward] the younger can cut off the intail, &c of Freehold Property, he being the only surviving Person named in the Will (if the remainder _? ?.?. be dead)” See Memoranda 1802 - 1803.


Old House at Goldstone pulled down April 1801 — Mem. 1802. & 1803. [this is believed to have been the original Manor house next to Goldstone Hall. A new building was constructed on the site called 'The Manor House'. This was joined to the Hall in the 1920s by H. G. E. Vardon, soon after he inherited the Goldstone Estate]

See Mem. 1837— for acreage of Farm &c &c


See Mem 1798 For purchase of land by Mr Ed. Hayward, Hinstock, Wood Lane, & Lockley Wood.


Pierpoint, Mr Ed. H. tenant of Goldstone died Jany. 1808. 2nd [??] ____? Mr Beeston ____? on the Farms, since then. See Mem. 1808.


believe not, think a B_____? had it in 1816.


John Hall died at Great Barr in Staffordshire suddenly on 21st July 1844. [since Edward Hayward died in 1827, this note must have been added by someone else!]